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I’ve greatly appreciated everything that Attorney Karen Bower has done both for me and for the greater good.  On a personal level, I do not know how Attorney Bower can empathize so well, but she truly understands, when so many others cannot, what victims of mental illness are suffering. I can sincerely say that, without Attorney Bower, despite years of positive contributions to my school, research field, and community, I would have been placed under a long-term suspension for my depression despite numerous letters from doctors clearing me for return to school, representing a gross violation of my rights.  Without even having to go to court, I am now reinstated, maintaining my 3.96 GPA, and, most importantly, I have the support that I need to be happy.  I am proud to have worked with Karen Bower, who I consider not only a superb attorney but an advocate and a role model, and I recommend her without reservations to any potential clients.

We feel so fortunate to have been represented by Karen Bower, and will always be grateful for her help during an extremely difficult time.  Our son was a stellar student who headed off to college with great promise, but suffered a lot due to an undiagnosed learning disability and depression.  Despite a reputation for tolerance and diversity, the reaction of university administration to our son’s illness could not have been worse.  We felt as if the school was doing everything it could do to punish our son for being sick, and the school’s decisions were clearly exacerbating his illness.  We didn’t know where to turn for help in dealing with such a callous administration.From the moment we hired Karen, our son’s situation began to improve. She listened patiently to us and studied the case intensively, until she understood the nuances of everything that had occurred.

Karen is a competent and capable attorney, and has a deep knowledge of mental health law. But what struck me most is her incredibly caring nature. She always put our son’s needs first, and she made sure the unfortunate situation at the college did not distract him from the paramount concern- his treatment and recovery.  Her advice was always excellent. She recommended we do what was efficient, practical, and best for our son.

In the end, she convinced an intransigent administration to reverse all of its decisions. She negotiated artfully with the school until they agreed to remove our son’s failing grades from his transcript, and reversed their decision to expel him.  The College also bent its rules about leaves of absence, and as an accommodation, they extend our son’s medical leave so he has sufficient time to get well.  It felt to us as if Karen accomplished the impossible. Karen helped turn things around for our son, and now, with the right treatment, I am confident he will be able to move forward with his life.