Best Practices
     While at the Bazelon Center, Karen Bower developed a model policy for educational institutions which treats self-injurious thoughts and behavior as a mental health issue, encourages students to seek help without punishing them, and addresses confidentiality in mental health counseling services.  The model policy can be found here.

       Along with the Leadership21 Committee, a group of young adults who advised the Bazelon Center, Karen Bower edited and developed YourMind-YourRights, a guide for students.
Karen Bower also co-authored the “Legal and Ethical Issues in College Mental Health” chapter in Mental Health Care in the College Community, Jerald Kay and Victor Schwartz, Eds. (2010). The full chapter can be read here. 

 Karen also authored an Op-Ed in Inside Higher Education titled “How Not to Respond to Virginia Tech,” which offers guidance on responding to students with mental illness after a campus emergency.

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